Title Loans in Monroe, NC

For the majority of us living paycheck-to-paycheck, getting extra money is never a bad thing. Life can come with many unexpected expenses, and depending on your income, it may be difficult to get by, let alone pay those bills. However, most of us do not have a solid credit history to take out any type of secured loan through a bank, and the waiting period can be too lengthy. For whatever reason you may need the cash, title loans in Monroe are ideal for people with no previous credit history. This type of loan is around for those that are finding themselves in a tight spot when it comes to money. Online title loans are typically short-term and are not meant to be used for long-term financial problems which is fitting for any sudden financial troubles you may come across.

Get Approved For a Loan

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can fill out our free online application. After you click on submit you will receive an instant title loan estimate solely based on the vehicle year, make and model. The more recent year make, and higher end models get higher valuation, but there is a minimum borrowing amount of $2,500. If you are unsure of the process, let one of our helpful customer service representatives assist you. They will settle any worry you may have, and also clear up any confusion to help better your understanding of the loan.

One of the things they can also help you with is finding a title loan location. Since Title Loans are only permitted in South Carolina, you will have to go there to settle the contract.

*You will need a valid government-issued photo ID to let us know you are at least 18 years old, as well as your car title.

South Carolina Rules and Regulation

Since the closest title loan state is in South Carolina, you must abide by their state regulations.

Consumer Protection

If a lender by any means uses any act of violence to injure the borrower, damage any said assets, regardless of violations against any of the listed regulations you may file a civil action lawsuit against them. The countermeasures you may take include:

  • Three times the amount of the damage or $1500.00, taking the greater amount
  • A temporary restraining order, or the right to take back your money or property
  • The court may decide that the lender also need to pay attorney fees, or any other miscellaneous fees that it considers just

In addition to these regulations, if you decide that you do not want to take the loan, you will need to return the money in the next business day for it to be voided.

Consumer Responsibilities

It is your responsibility as a consumer to pay off the balance connected to the loan amount. Making scheduled payments is the best way to get your title back. If you are not able to pay in the set period of time, title loans, by law, allow the loan to be renewed six times. After that, your vehicle may be subject to repossession.
Laws dealing with repossession

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