Car Title Loans in High Point

Being short on cash can cause a lot of pressure on a family when surprise expenses arise with no warning. The unexpected financial emergencies that affect High Point, North Carolina families every day can cause stress and embarrassment for those who find themselves in a tough situation. Racking up more credit card debt with cash advances is usually a bad solution with their high fees and interest rates, and credit may not be easily found if you have a bad credit score. However, if you are the owner of a vehicle, you are likely eligible for car title loans, regardless of your credit rating.

What Are Auto Title Loans?

Car title loans are short-term loans that are secured by your car or other motor vehicle. Instead of relying on your credit rating, the lender uses your car as collateral for High Point title loans. Once you fill out the loan application, you turn over your car’s title in return for your cash loan. You continue to drive your vehicle while making payments. Since the lender has your vehicle’s title, they have assurance that if they are not repaid they will have the option to sell the car to cover the unpaid loan amount. If you make your payments and repay the loan interest and principle in full, you will have your car title returned to you free and clear. The application process for car title loans in Winston-Salem / North Carolina is very simple and convenient, leading to a quick decision from the lender. There is usually no credit check required, so previous bankruptcies or a bad credit score are not a problem and do not pose a barrier to receiving auto title loans.


To be eligible for High Point title loans, you must be 18 years old and have a free and clear title to the motor vehicle being put up as collateral. There must be no liens on the title. A borrower seeking a High Point title loan will be asked for their personal information such as home address and phone number as well as social security number. Lenders may ask for a spare set of keys to vehicles being used as security for car title loans.

How to Report Complaints

If a resident has an issue with a car title loans North Carolina lender, they can file a complaint with the North Carolina Department of Justice they look into over 20,000 consumer complaints every year. Their website has options for filing complaint online or by mail and they suggest providing supporting documents like contracts, agreements, and any correspondence between borrower and lender. Once a complaint is filed, they contact the business involved, forwarding any supporting documents. The complainant will receive copies of all correspondence between the state agency and business. If another state agency has jurisdiction over the matter, they may refer the issue to that agency.

Falls Creek, NC DMV

If you need to contact the Division of Motor Vehicles for car title issues or questions, contact the North Carolina DMV. The Falls Creek DMV office is located at 650 Francis Street High Point, NC 27263 and their phone number is 336-884-1003. They can be helpful in case you need a duplicate title if the original has been lost or destroyed.

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If an auto title loan sounds like the answer to your current financial troubles, rest assured that the application process is very easy. Just fill out our form with some basic information, such as your car make, model, mileage and year, and your contact information. An experienced loan representative will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with the loan process.

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