Havelock Car Title Loans

If you cash now but do not want to max out your credit cards or put your jewelry in hock, a car title loan may be financing option for you! Because car title loans are secured loans, there is no credit check! As long as you have a clean and clear car title, you can quickly borrow money. Not only that, because all we require is that you hand over the title until you repay the loan, and not the vehicle itself, you can drive your car or truck and still borrow against it!

Title Loans North Carolina not only makes title loans in the Havelock area: we operate statewide, meaning you we make title loans in NC, no matter what part of the state, we are interested in lending you money against your car’s title!

How Title Loans Work

Title loans are secured loans against the title (the piece of paper that denotes ownership of the car) of your vehicle. Unlike credit cards or personal loans, because title loans are secured by the value of your vehicle, there is no credit check required! It does not matter if you have good credit, bad credit, even no credit! As long as the car title is clean and clear (meaning you have no outstanding loans on the car or any tax liens), you are eligible to borrow and receive a quick cash loan.

Unlike other types of secured loans, such as pawn loans, you do not have to give us the keys to the vehicle. Since all we require is that you hand us the car title to hold while you pay back the loan, you are able to continue driving your vehicle until the loan is repaid! It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

How To Apply For A Title Loan

If you are interested in apply for title loans in Havelock, the first thing you need to do is fill out the online application form (available on this website). The first thing we need is information for your car: year, make, model, mileage. In addition, we need personal information such as name, phone number and zip code (in order to contact you). Once you submit this application, one of our representatives will quickly get back to you with a free quote. You are not required to accept this quote, but once you see how much you can borrow against your vehicle’s title without a credit check, it may be an offer too good to refuse!

Car Title Loan Regulations

For car title loans in Havelock, and throughout the State of North Carolina, the following rules apply: when you accept a vehicle title loan, you agree to hand over title to the vehicle to us (the lender) in exchange for a cash loan. Because this is loan, you will be required to make monthly principal and interest payments. Once you make your final title loan payment, the vehicle’s title will revert back to you.

If you are unable to make a payment, we will work with you initially so you are able to continue making payments. However, if you consistently miss payments, we have the right to repossess and subsequently sell your vehicle. Even if we receive more from the sale than the loan balance, you have no right to claim the difference.

Benefits of Car Title Loans

To sum things up, here are the many benefits of title loans as compared to other types of personal loans:

  • No Credit Check
  • Get to Drive Your Car While Making Payments
  • Get The Cash You Need Quickly

IF you need cash to repay other debts, for an emergency, or for any other reason, consider a car title loan for your personal financing needs!