How to Make Money Online

Everyone is hungry –for money that is. So much so, people are willing to take on second jobs or side projects not only to make ends meet, but to have the lifestyle they want. People desire things as well as a certain standard of living; fortunately for the consumerist/capitalist society in which we live –all of this is possible. With a little extra work, time, and energy anyone can achieve material goals if they put their minds to it.

In today’s society there’s no shortage of jobs, especially when it comes to working online. Working online is becoming more popular than ever –technology affords us this freedom. And who doesn’t want to roll out of bed, tap away at the keyboard, click a few dozen times, and make that money? Who doesn’t want to avoid the bustling rush hour crowds, the traffic, the noise, and the stress of commuting? Who doesn’t want to have a freedom that permits afternoon naps, late nights/late mornings, and spontaneous vacations? I can think of no one who would turn down that offer. Making money online is not just a dream anymore –it is a reality.

Surprising is the varieties of odd jobs and professional careers available online –literally, so plentiful that one can make an entire living from online work alone. Online we can do anything these days –from earning degrees to chatting with family from abroad, so why not take advantage of the advances in technology and make cash online, too? At some point, many of the jobs we currently hold will either become obsolete or have an online version of themselves –why not be ahead of the curve and grab yourself an online gig before the rest of the world catches onto the coolness of it all.

Job or Career

There are two groups of thought when it comes to working online. There are jobs and then there are careers. Of course, applicants must keep in mind all possibility for employment depends on background, experience, and education level.

Whether you want a job or a career, obtaining an online job isn’t so easy. It can be a challenge, but one well worth the effort. If you are interested, you might want some tips to better prepare you for the task at hand. Here are some steps to follow in order to secure some part or full-time online work.


Make sure that you have a computer at home. Working online means working from home. If you have to visit a cyber-café or go to a friend/family’s house to work, this would not be advisable for online work. Having an in-home computer will allow you to work at any hour of the day which is the whole point, really. And be sure to have strong access to the internet. It would be unfortunate to miss a deadline because the service went out or is not reliable.


Make sure you meet the requirements to work online. Not every career or job will be one that can be done from home. Do some quick investigation to see if your career even exists in an online form. Or perhaps you might want to consider taking some classes or courses in order to make yourself a prime candidate. Long story short –know whether or not you fit into the online working world. If not, you might want to get whatever certificates necessary to get you there. According to Forbes, there is a list of the most sought after online careers; have a look to verify whether you are already a part of a category that has online work ready for you.


Make sure that you can support yourself with the online work. At first, the money might not come in as quickly as you’d hope –this means you either better have a decent amount of savings or a partner who is working full-time. The best advice would be to look for consistent online work while you still have your current position and once you feel confident with the money that comes rolling in, you can feel free to give your two week’s notice.


Make sure that you have a way to receive your earnings. Most, if not all, companies require one of the two –either a bank account or a PayPal account, some require both. If you are not in possession of one of these, it would be strongly suggested that you look into getting one or both pronto. While some companies might offer mailed checks, it would not be advisable considering the beauty of working online is also to receive your salary online. Why not keep both job and earnings consistent?


Make sure you have a lifestyle that permits you to work from home. It depends on the work, but you should survey your situation prior to accepting any position. If your online work requires conference calls or Skype chats, you want to be sure that there will be some semblance of quiet in your vicinity. If your online job requires focus like online gaming or surveying, it wouldn’t be advisable to have distractions at home. For stay at home parents, online work is appealing, but it can quickly become demanding. Learning how to balance a work schedule with children is tricky, only you can manage your time properly –keep that in mind.

Before You Start Working From Home…

Working from home can be fantastic, that is if the job actually exists. Be aware, dear reader, that there are plenty of scams out there looking to reap the benefits of gullible and innocent people who don’t know much about the online working realm.

Pay attention to the ads and the job searches –investigate the companies to make sure the company is real and not fictitious. Be sure there will be some type of interview process and that the company requests references, resume/CV, and work samples. When in doubt, ask the company to speak with a Human Resources employee regarding further questions about the position. Ask the HR personnel questions about benefits, policies, duties, expectations, and severance and/or vacation packages. It’s always in your best interest to protect yourself by asking questions, after all –you don’t want your dream job mission to end in disaster